Inspired by the spiritual realms of Tibetan influence, Miami's strong community of phoenixs, and the Inner child Buddha, I couldn't help but put my spin on it.  Moksha's symbol usually consists of, the breath of fire or a psychedelic with a mushroom head, 7 spores (the 7 jewels on the mushroom crown), and 7 circuits (the 7 mind jewels below).  I chose the breath of fire because its so powerful even with a psychedelic.  It is the power within breath, prana, our lifeforce that is where the libration is.  The young blue buddha face I chose to paint as representation of the inner child the key to Moksha or the librated state of being. 
Ray Orraca and I powering up in reverence.  He is the head founder of Moksha Family Arts Collective, a facilitator & leader within the world of visionary arts, and a dear friend of mine.  I was honored and humbled when he asked me to create the Moksha symbol for 2015 with the theme Rebirth.  
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